Candy Charming v19.5.3051 Mod – the game interesting dabbled “candy journey” for Android
Version normal mode version (John unlimited) individually
tested with Run Away

Candy Charming – Vegetable Journey  is another game from Casual Studio 707 Interactive for Android phones and tablets. Hong Kong Studios is a multi-purpose gaming company. Unlike most other gaming studios that typically build a limited range of game styles, the company does not have 707 Interactive, and has released various games in various genres and styles, some of the most important of which are titles such as Soccer Mania , Archery Elite and Endless Nightmare are. In this article, we want to introduce a game different from the mentioned titles at your service. Available on Google Play under the full name Candy Charming – 2020 Match 3 Puzzle Free Games, Candy Charming is a fun and puzzle game of the style of Jorchin 3 or Match 3 style games, which has been played by nearly thousands of different games in This style is introduced. Like all games, this game has a similar generality and nothing different, but it should be said that Candy Charming – 2020 Match 3 Puzzle Free Games, in turn, is fun, challenging and fun enough. It can entertain any player with any taste for a long time.


Candy Charming - 2020 Match 3 Puzzle Free Games


In Candy Charming – 2020 Match 3 Puzzle Free Games you go to the realm of delicious, colorful and beautiful candies, and in a fantasy world you have to solve many puzzles. According to the game’s creator, more than 3,000 different stages have been designed in this game, and this number of stages, in turn, is an excellent record. This means that you can install this game on your device for a very long time and have a lot of fun without having to repeat a repeat step. Like any other Jorchin 3 game, in the game of attractive vegetable puzzles, your main goal is to solve puzzles and jigsaw puzzles in which you have to make a row of 3 or more of the same color and similar items to those items. Get lost and get points for it. Graphically, Candy Charming – 2020 Match 3 Puzzle Free Games has a very good fantasy design. Colorful looks, interesting effects, audible sounds and music are some of the main benefits of this game. Candy Charming – 2020 Match 3 Puzzle Free Games with more than 5 million downloads on Google Play The score is 4.6 out of 5.0 , and now the latest version, along with a modded version of Usroid, is ready for download. You can get a little more familiar with its overall look by looking at its screenshots.