Endless Nightmare 1: Home v1.1.4 – A Very Scary Adventure Game “Endless Nightmare” for Android
A highly disturbing story title in the arcade genre with exemplary graphics
Tested for offline play

Endless Nightmare – Never-ending Nightmare is a beautifully crafted and designed horror game with a beautiful and dramatic storyline. This game is an arcade title, but unlike most ordinary arcade games, it is a completely terrifying and disturbing game. The developer of this game is the Hong Kong studio 707 INTERACTIVE, which has created games such as Archery Elite and Soccer Mania. Usroid is proud to announce that it is the first Iranian website to publish this game on the Internet, and you can download it now from Usroid as a tested and complete version. Endless Nightmare tells a mysterious, sad, and of course very scary and complicated story. In this game, you play as the main character of the game, a man named James. James is a police officer. He is a kind husband and loving father who, on his daughter Aimee’s birthday, returns home to a shocking and unbelievable scene! James’s wife and daughter have been brutally murdered, and the whole house is covered in blood! James, shocked and unable to believe what has happened, immediately begins searching the house for the killer or clues, but he gradually realizes that the situation is much more complicated than a simple murder! The terrifying facts that James discovers in the following will lead to endless nightmares for him…!


Endless Nightmare


In the game Endless Nightmare, you play as James and try to overcome the bitter events by focusing on the conditions and finding the cause of the murder and bringing the perpetrator to justice. However, you soon realize that these terrifying events are not caused by a human, but by a demonic and satanic force. Now, this demonic spirit, aware of your presence, is searching every corner of the house to hunt you down. James sometimes suddenly realizes the presence of this spirit in the house, but it is not clear whether all these events have had a negative impact on the incident and James is experiencing an endless nightmare. Maybe all of these events are happening in the real world and a terrifying and demonic creature has invaded James’ home! Whatever it is, you must try to escape from it. The main character of the game is controlled from the moment James wakes up from a terrifying nightmare. From that moment on, you must take control of him and find clues and solve puzzles to uncover the truth, and then leave this cursed place to save your life. But will this spirit allow you to do so?! Throughout the game, which is played in the first-person perspective, you can move around with virtual controllers and view your surroundings in 360 degrees. The terrifying and evil spirit of the game, which pursues you with a knife in the form of a young girl, attacks you as soon as it sees you. You have two ways to survive. The first is to hide under the bed or in the closet, and the second is to find various weapons to attack this spirit! Of course, these two methods are temporary, and there is no way to destroy this spirit because even if you attack it and it falls to the ground, it will come back to life after a while and come after you again. The prominent feature of the game Endless Nightmare is its unparalleled and completely 3D graphics, which are very impressive considering the not-so-large size of the game. This beautiful game is now available for free download and testing from Usroid.

  1. This game is still in the Early Access phase and may not have the necessary stability on all devices.
  2. This game contains scary, violent, and disturbing scenes, and is not recommended for individuals under 16 years of age, those with heart problems, or those who do not have a good relationship with horror and jump-scare scenes.
  3. We recommend using a high-quality headset to truly experience the game’s atmosphere and enjoying the 3D sound effects!
  4. Currently, there is no modded or cracked version available for this game, and some parts of the game, such as DLC, are currently unavailable.