Brawlhalla v8.10 – Exciting and Popular Action Game “Fighters’ Land” for Android Devices
A Competitive and Thrilling Game from Ubisoft with Over 40 Million Active Players
Tested with Offline Play (Includes Online Section)

Brawlhalla – Land of Fighters is a popular, exciting, and highly engaging game from Ubisoft that was first released globally in April 2014 and made available to eighth-generation console players such as PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, as well as Windows PC. Over the years, this game has multiplied its popularity several times and has become one of the top cross-platform action games. The game’s high popularity prompted Ubisoft to develop a mobile version of it, but since their main goal was to offer a version compatible with other versions of the game, the development process took longer than expected. Finally, in August 2020, the game was also released for Android and iOS operating systems, making Brawlhalla one of the most successful recent cross-platform online games. If you don’t know what cross-platform means, it means that players who have run this game on any console, system, or device can play this game with all other players by connecting to its servers. This allows all of them to connect to the same servers instead of building sub-servers for each device, and the number of active players at any given moment is much higher. This is an excellent feature for such games and is exactly why they are so popular.




In the game Brawlhalla, you take on the role of various fighters in a world where everything depends on epic battles. Dozens of different hero types with unique characteristics are present in this game, which you can unlock and upgrade. The game is played in two sections, offline and online. The offline section includes a training section as well as a local multiplayer fighting section. However, what has made this game so popular is its online section with cross-platform capability. In the online section of Brawlhalla, there are various types of games and competitions. You can compete online with other players from around the world in 1v1 or 2v2 battles, or other types of games. In some game modes, up to 8 players can play simultaneously. The style and general rules of the game are simple, and the main criterion for winning and achieving better rankings is to win battles against opponents. You must throw them off platforms with powerful blows or hit them enough to defeat them. The overall format of these competitions is based on scoring more points by defeating opponents. With the points and money you earn from these competitions, you can buy various items or unlock more characters. The gameplay is smooth and dynamic and is considered a fast-paced action game. Everything in this game depends on your quick reactions, so prepare yourself for exciting and challenging battles. You can download this beautiful and entertaining game now from the Usroid servers and enjoy it to the fullest.

  1. The game can only be installed on devices with ARM64 processors.
  2. The game can also be played offline, but in this case, you can only use the Offline Mode section.
  3. To connect to the game servers online, you can use different servers that are closer in location.
  4. Currently, Iranian users can connect to the game servers without any special action and play online with others.
  5. There is no hacked or modded version of Brawlhalla, and it is unlikely that such a version will be released for this game. However, if such a version is released, Usroid will provide it for you.


Installation and Execution Instructions for the Game:

– Download the data file and extract it. Copy the folder to the Android/obb directory of your device’s internal memory.