GUNS UP! Mobile v1.24.2 – Competitive and Strategic Game “Weapons Ready – Guns Up Mobile” for Android
Official installation of GUNS UP – Guns Up Mobile for mobile devices
Tested with online execution

GUNS UP! Mobile – Weapons Ready! This action-packed and exciting strategy game has been released as a free title for Android devices and is available to Android players worldwide. This game is the official version of the GUNS UP game, which was first released in 2015 for Windows PC and eighth-generation consoles such as Xbox One and PS4, and now, after a few years, the final and complete version has been released for Android and iOS operating systems. This game was developed by the Korean studio Valkyrie Entertainment, NHN, and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. NHN Studio has used its subsidiary company, NHN BIGFOOT, to develop and design the mobile version of the game. Although the mobile version of the game, called GUNS UP! Mobile, has a very close nature to the original version, it has undergone significant changes to be optimized for mobile devices. However, the overall trend of the mobile version is similar to the original version, and if you have experienced the console or PC version before, you can quickly notice the similarities of the mobile version as well. Stay with Usroid to get more familiar with this beautiful and exciting game.


GUNS UP! Mobile


GUNS UP! Mobile is an action-packed, competitive strategy and management game that is highly recommended for fans of combat and tactical games. The game does not have a specific storyline, and all its narrative events are related to a full-scale war at a global level. Powerful countries of the world are engaged in a world war, and you are in the role of the commander of the army of one of these countries who must strive for victory on the battlefield. Your job is to manage troops, build and develop military tools and equipment. GUNS UP! Mobile is an online game in which you can play with other players from around the world online and participate in exciting and breathtaking battles. These battles are designed in the form of PvP competitions and have a very high level of excitement. GUNS UP! Mobile has an attractive section called Alliance Wars, where you can team up with your friends and participate in group battles. The key to success and victory in sensitive wars ahead is the use of strategic power. You must build a military base and use various forces and equipment to make it more powerful. You can use the resources available to you to recruit different troops or military tools, or use them to upgrade your troops. The numerous elements in the design of GUNS UP! Mobile have made this game a versatile title that can not only appeal to fans of strategic games, but also bring action and war game enthusiasts to life. To get more familiar with this exciting title, you can watch the introduction trailer video or screenshots. To download the latest version of this game, simply visit the download box section of Usroid in this article and get the game for free.

  1. GUNS UP! Mobile game is completely online and there is no possibility to play it offline.
  2. The game servers are available to Iranian players, but if you are unable to connect to the servers, change your IP.
  3. There is no modded or hacked version of this game.