Jewel Blast Dragon v1.19.11 Mod – a fun and entertaining game “Dragon and Jewelry Puzzle” for Android.
The regular version of the mod version (unlimited money) is tested separately
with offline execution.

Jewel Blast Dragon – Dragon and Jewelry Puzzle published under the full name Jewel Blast Dragon – Match 3 Puzzle in Google Play, a free and relatively small game in the style of puzzle games of the type 3 Match 3 Puzzle from It is a category of recreational and casual titles. This game has been produced and published by the Chinese studio Go7Game and you can update it for the first time in USA. Download from Usroid. Jewel Blast Dragon – Match 3 Puzzle is a very simple but at the same time very fun and beautiful title whose main audience is children. But not only children, but also the game has attracted the attention of adults because of its fantasy designs and fun gameplay. This game is just like all 3 Jorchin style games and its main rule is to put at least 3 identical items in a row. In this game, these colorful items are bright diamonds and jewels that are in bright colors such as red, green, blue, orange, pink, yellow, etc., as well as in various shapes such as triangular, heart-shaped, diamond-shaped, square and shapes. They are similar. Note that your task is to put the same items together. This means that you have to put together at least 3 similar items that have the same color and shape in a puzzle game. To do this, you need to drag them to the left, top, right or bottom to move a ladder. In the same way, you can bring similar items closer together. It doesn’t matter if your rows are vertical or horizontal, the important thing is to put at least 3 identical items in a row.


Jewel Blast Dragon - Match 3 Puzzle


But in Jewel Blast Dragon – Match 3 Puzzle unlike most other games, there are more features to solve puzzles. For example, if you can put 4 items together instead of 3 identical items, all the jewels in that row will be removed and you will be given their points. If you can increase that amount, more jewelry will be removed and you will get far more points. There are other ways to earn these special points. For example, removing the L or T shape with the same jewelry and one color is one of these cases, in which case you can use special forces such as bombs and… to destroy a large number of these socks. Jewel Blast Dragon – Match 3 Puzzle game has three different modes, the most important part of which is with hundreds of fun stages. Another interesting and challenging part that is designed in this game is the part where you have a time limit and you have to solve puzzles in the fastest possible time to get a special prize called Super Treasure. The game also gives you daily prizes. Jewel Blast Dragon – Match 3 Puzzle Although it looks very simple graphically, but interesting and attractive effects have been used to design it, which has made this game more entertaining. This is a beautiful and lovable game to win An excellent score of 4.7 out of 5.0 has become one of the most popular pastime games. You can get the latest update with its modded version from Usroid .

Changes to version v1.19.11:

* Remove bugs and improve performance
* Add 20 new steps to the game