Firefox Klar: The privacy browser v100.3.0 – Firefox Clar application for Android,
the original and official version of the program, dedicated to you dear ones

Undoubtedly, the Firefox web browser is one of the most popular Internet browsers, and we have recently seen the release of various versions of it for Android users; Having a professional team, Usroid site has tried to provide you with the latest versions of Mozilla products, and as always, we intend to introduce one of the best of them. Firefox Klar: The privacy browser – Mozilla Firefox Clare The title is one of the best and most secure Android browsers developed by the great company Mozilla Mozilla and published in the Google Play Market. If you take a look at the features and capabilities of this web browser, you will see that its greatest focus is on protecting users’ privacy; So that when you view web pages and your searches, no trace of you will be left on websites or browsers. The Internet Tracker Blocker System helps you not only display volume, but also prevent other annoying ads from being displayed, and you can visit various sites much faster. Any trackers and ads are automatically blocked, and unlike other similar programs, there is no need to go through complicated steps. The user interface of the program is also very beautiful and attractive, which attracts everyone’s attention.

Some features and capabilities of Firefox Klar: The privacy browser for Android:

  • Quick and secure browsing of all websites
  • Ability to quickly and easily remove cookies, history and passwords
  • Automatic blocking of all types of Internet trackers
  • Automatic blocking of annoying ads while browsing
  • Too much internet usage
  • Very low application size compared to other similar browsers
  • Very beautiful and attractive user interface

Application Firefox Klar: The privacy browser to take advantage of the features and capabilities that variety has been able to thousands of download rating of 4.2 out of 5.0 by users, Google Play downloads, which can now use the newest version of its official direct links website download Usroid .

V91.1.1 version changes:

* No changes have been made to Google Play for this version of the app.


Firefox Klar: The privacy browser