Soul Browser v1.4.04 – Fast and Powerful Android Browser Application
Modified and Complete Version of the Program Worth $4.49

One of the main features of Android smartphones is the ability for users to access the internet. We use this access for various purposes and try to continuously add to our knowledge in various fields. This information is provided either through social networks or websites. As you know, to access the content of various websites, we need a tool called a browser. Browsers help us easily read web pages and meet our needs. All smartphones have default browsers that do not always meet the needs of users! Soul Browser is the title of a fast and powerful Android internet browser developed by SoulSoft and published on Google Play. This browser, like other recommended software, is one of the best apps in its category and helps you browse websites faster. You can easily create multiple tabs and meet your needs in the shortest possible time. There are several popular features in this software, one of which is anonymous browsing. By activating this great feature, you will be able to easily view all websites one after the other and be sure that no cookies or history will be left behind. In addition, the app startup relies on powerful Google engines to help you run texts as audio! To take advantage of this unique feature, simply mark your desired text and play it as audio by touching an option. Receive images and videos at an incredibly high speed and easily manage them.

Some features and capabilities of Soul Browser Android app:

  • Browsing various websites at very high speed
  • Support for browsing with multiple tabs
  • Optimized internal download management system for downloading images and videos
  • Providing a video player based on the smartphone’s built-in video player
  • Ability to browse different websites anonymously
  • Dark theme to protect your eyes in low-light environments
  • Superb text-to-speech playback system
  • Option to customize the app’s font
  • Option to take screenshots of the screen
  • Saving web pages in PDF format
  • A set of functions for personalizing the app’s environment

The Soul Browser app, with the help of its useful features, has been released for free by its developer, along with an in-app purchase of $4.49. It has received a rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 by Google Play users. You can now download the latest ad-free version of this high-speed browser from the fast and direct links on the Usroid website.


Soul Browser