[D Notes – Smart & Material – Notes, Lists & Photos v2.6.0 [Pro – A stylish and feature-rich note-taking app for Android
The professional and complete version of the app worth $1.99 is offered to our loyal companions

Using note-taking apps helps users to write down important information even if they don’t have access to paper or a pen, and store it in their smart device’s memory. The default Android system generally provides a note-taking software to its users, which unfortunately is not feature-rich enough. D Notes – Smart & Material – Notes, Lists & Photos Pro Unlocked is the title of a chic and feature-rich note-taking application for Android, developed by Damian van den Berg and published on Google Play. Everything you need for note-taking is available in this startup app. Easily create your notes in full and increase the details significantly by attaching any type of video or image. Internal audio recording helps you save detailed audio notes if needed, so you never get confused in your tasks. Assign each note a color for easier monitoring and management, and categorize them by importance. In addition, the development team allows users to eliminate any unauthorized access by placing a pin code on the application to maintain the security of user information.

Some features and capabilities of the D Notes – Smart & Material – Notes, Lists & Photos app for Android:

  • Create notes quickly without any limitations
  • Add images and videos to your notes for more details
  • Create archive, delete or edit existing notes
  • Record audio for accurate voice notes
  • Protect notes with pin code or fingerprint
  • Manage notes based on categories and colors
  • Multiple themes, fonts and options for organizing notes
  • Use widgets for easy access to your notes
  • Pin notes to the notification bar
  • High customization ability

The D Notes – Smart & Material – Notes, Lists & Photos app has been able to receive a rating of 4.6 out of 5.0 by Google Play users by utilizing its various features and capabilities with a $1.99 in-app purchase. You can now download the latest professional version from the large website Usroid; in our version, all features are available for free.


D Notes Pro