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These days, due to the amount of busyness each of us has, the time we dedicate to learning and studying new things has greatly decreased. Despite the attractive and new media such as the internet and social platforms like Facebook and Instagram, people’s interest in reading books has not remained and this has made our general knowledge less than in the past. In fact, many of us have only studied textbooks throughout our lives and we have not even read a non-textbook. Perhaps for many, these days, with the advent of the internet and the ease of finding any kind of information, there is no longer any need to learn non-essential items and people can search for their questions on the internet and find their answers. This is completely true, but the effect this lifestyle has on the human brain is an undeniable effect. When we use less of our brain for learning, the brain gradually loses its analytical and learning power, which can lead to diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. In addition, not trying to learn different things causes creativity in the human brain to not grow and problem-solving skills to be lost. As we mentioned earlier, one of the reasons for not reading is not having enough time. Various methods have been developed to solve this problem. For example, a person can learn short notes instead of reading a whole book. Today, we have a program that provides such notes. Daily Random Facts – Get smarter learning trivia is an application for daily learning of new notes on various topics, specifically for the Android operating system, developed by Monkey Taps and published for free on Google Play. This program provides interesting notes every day about the human body, historical events, animals, life tips, children, sports, scientific facts, riddles, and many other things. With this program, you learn new notes every day and expand your knowledge. This will gradually increase your intelligence and problem-solving ability as well.

Some features and capabilities of the application Daily Random Facts – Get smarter learning trivia for Android:

  • Providing informative and interesting tips on various topics
  • Ability to save favorite tips
  • Ability to change fonts and colors used in the program
  • Ability to search through tips
  • Categorization of tips for easier access

The Daily Random Facts – Get smarter learning trivia app is an interesting and useful tool for increasing knowledge and exercising the brain, which has received a rating of 4.7 out of 5.0 from Android users. You can now get the premium version of this app with all its features and capabilities for free from Usroid.


Daily Random Facts