DirectChat Pro (ChatHeads) v1.8.5 – applications respond quickly to incoming messages Android
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Among the users of Android devices, there are many people who use multiple messengers at the same time and exchange many messages with their friends; One of the problems these people face is the low speed of replying to messages, because they have to constantly run various programs to send their responses and close it again to enter the new program. DirectChat Pro (ChatHeads) is a great tool for creating shortcuts and quickly sending messages to your friends on various messengers by the Unique Gem Visions group for Android.It’s been published. With this program, you will be able to easily answer all the incoming messages and save your time by creating shortcuts to your messengers at the top of the smartphone screen. One of the biggest benefits of direct chat is responding to messages without running messengers, which significantly speeds up communication with your friends. The program supports all programs, and after activating the program, all the shortcuts of recent conversations will be displayed in the top bar of the device. In addition, the user has the clarity of the shortcuts created and is allowed to customize it to his liking.

Some features and capabilities of Android DirectChat Pro:

  • Support for quick response in all applications
  • Create chat shortcuts as soon as you run and activate the app
  • DND capability for temporary and short program stops
  • Create a blacklist to block custom programs
  • Shortcut build shortcuts for some of the users you want
  • Access to previews of received messages
  • Adjust the transparency of the message window and shortcuts created
  • Supports some messengers by default

DirectChat Pro’s unique program has created a great platform for fast reply to messages and time savings, with a price tag of $ 1.99, scoring 4.7 out of 5.0 , which is now the latest version of this popular app. Download without limitation and exclusively from Usroid site.

Modifications to version v1.8.5:

* Add support for Discord and Wire + program troubleshooting + various optimizations.


DirectChat Pro (ChatHeads)