Discord: Talk, Chat & Hang Out v213.14 – The Social Network App “Discord” for Android
The original and official version of the app is presented to you, dear permanent users of Usroid

Discord: Talk, Chat & Hang Out is a feature-rich social network for gamers and other Android device users developed by Discord Inc and published on Google Play. For years, many people have spent hours of their day playing computer games for entertainment or leisure. While playing games may have been just a hobby in the past, today many gamers use it as a means of earning income and connecting with their fans! Yes, you heard it right; establishing communication is one of the most important principles of attracting audiences and expressing emotions. In the past years and before May 13, 2015, gamers and computer game enthusiasts used other service providers such as Skype to communicate with each other and their fans, but over time their needs went beyond the services these companies provided. For this reason, a creative team set out to establish Discord! At first, this team focused only on the needs of gamers and tried to provide features that would fill the gaps in this category of computer game enthusiasts; but gradually, with the expansion of features, not only gamers but also many social media enthusiasts registered on this platform for communication. As you know, the creators of this social network first offered a web version and then a Windows version, and now we have its Android version. Discord: Talk, Chat & Hang Out is the title of the Android version of the Discord app that gives you access to many of the features of this social media. In this app, like other available versions on other operating systems, you can easily communicate more fully with your friends and experience a unique interaction.

Discord: Talk, Chat & Hang Out – A special social network for all social media enthusiasts

As we mentioned in the initial description, Discord social network was initially created for gamers and tried to meet all their needs such as communication and high-quality streaming. However, after a while, its features attracted the attention of other web users. Discord fulfills everything you expect from a flawless social network and strives to provide a complete and seamless experience in every field. After activating and registering in the program, you can easily communicate with your friends and send various messages to them, just like other messengers or social networks.

Establishing Communication, the Main Reason for Discord’s Popularity

We all know that many of today’s popular applications are based on a particular feature! This is exactly what Discord focuses on and tries to improve its services in this area day by day. As a user in the Discord program, not only can you use text messages to communicate, but you can also experience free voice and video calls. The communication method of this start-up is special and optimized for gamers so that when making voice or video calls, you will experience the least ping changes in your online games.

Creating Various Channels

Another feature that attracts our attention to the Discord program is the ability to create incredible channels. Depending on the subject and desire you have in mind, you can create a channel and organize it using hashtags. The subject of the created channels can be anything and making group voice and video calls in these channels is not limited in any way.

Some Features and Capabilities of Discord: Talk, Chat & Hang Out Android App:

  • A suitable option for quick and easy communication with your friends
  • Sending various text messages and sharing your files
  • Making free voice and video calls
  • Very high quality of voice and video calls
  • Creating a dedicated channel related to your favorite topic
  • Categorizing and organizing channels based on various criteria
  • Internal search engine to find your favorite channels
  • Synchronizing your messages and communications on other operating systems

The Discord: Talk, Chat & Hang Out app, with its various features and capabilities, has been published completely free of charge on Google Play by its developer and has received an 4.1 out of 5.0 rating from users. You can now download the latest official version of this amazing startup from the popular website Usroid.