Docufy – Document Scanner App Premium v11.0.1.20180418 – Powerful and Popular Android Scanner Application
Presenting the Premium version with access to all features for you

With the increasing advancement of smart devices and the improvement of their camera quality, we have certainly witnessed the development of scanner applications. These applications turn Android devices into pocket scanners with just one touch, saving a considerable amount of time and costs. Docufy – Document Scanner App Premium is one of the most popular applications for turning smart devices into scanners for Android, developed and published by Softxpert Inc. The features used in this software encourage every user to use it and meet all their needs. Easily scan various documents with exceptional quality and receive them in jpeg and pdf formats. The Docufy developer relies on its capabilities to examine all users’ needs and make them independent of any other peripheral programs. After scanning your files and receiving them in PDF format, you can easily add any text or desired annotations to your desired file. In addition, by logging into your cloud account through this application, you can easily back up all your documents so that you have full access to all scanned files anytime and anywhere.

Some features and capabilities of the Docufy – Document Scanner App for Android:

  • Customization of the camera for scanning documents, invoices, and documents, and …
  • Very high quality of scanned files
  • Batch scanning mode for scanning multi-page documents
  • Automatic adjustment of image size
  • Automatic detection of document edges
  • Full control over brightness, contrast, and …
  • Secure backup of all scanned files by cloud servers
  • Download backup version of scanned files to SD card
  • High speed of scanned images to PDF files PDF
  • Management and editing options for PDF files
  • Very simple and easy user interface

The powerful scanner Docufy – Document Scanner App has been released for free with in-app purchases of $4.99, taking advantage of its unique capabilities by the developer and has received a rating of 4.2 out of 5.0 from users on the Play Store. You can now download the latest premium version from Usroid.

Version Changes:

* New features added + various optimizations.