Dr.Web Security Space v12.9.3 – Powerful Dr.Web Antivirus for Android
The original version of the program with over 10 million downloads from Google Play

Dr.Web Security Space is one of the best, most powerful and well-known antivirus software that has different versions for various operating systems including Android, iPhone, Windows, Mac, etc. With its high speed and power in identifying and removing viruses and malware, it is among the best antivirus software in the world. Today, we have provided the latest version of Dr.Web Anti-virus for Android, which by installing it on your smartphone, you can protect your personal information and feel comfortable about your privacy while using the internet. The version 10 of this antivirus, which has been released today, is more powerful than previous versions and its features include:

  • Scanning files and folders with the ability for user selection
  • Fast tracking and identification of viruses and taking action to remove them
  • Protecting memory cards from being infected by auto run files and Exploit.Cpllnk
  • Not slowing down the phone’s speed and having minimal impact on system performance
  • Ability to update to new versions
  • Preventing unwanted calls and SMS messages
  • Precisely finding a stolen phone
  • Setting a password for system access
  • Ability to remotely erase data when the phone is stolen
  • Automatically blocking dangerous and virus-infected websites
  • Having powerful artificial intelligence to eliminate unknown viruses
  • Using very little battery resources
  • Having a spider monitor guard for comprehensive protection
  • Supporting living languages including Persian language

Dr.Web Security Space is now available for free on Android market and has a rating of 4.6 out of 5.0, which indicates its value and popularity. You can download this unique antivirus with just one click for free from Usroid for your device …

Note: To use all the features of the program, you must have the original license.


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