Dreamie Planner v1.16.11 – Android diary and note-taking app
Premium and full version of the app worth $ 7.49 Dedicated to you dear ones

The dreams that we humans pursue are endless! Some are trying to achieve their dreams and some are just thinking about it. It may be impossible for lazy people to achieve their goals and aspirations, but they can be achieved with just a little effort. One way to achieve goals and aspirations is to write them down; Many successful people recommend that you write down all your goals and aspirations to attract them to you by constantly observing and thinking about them. The use of notebooks for taking notes is obsolete today because their use limits us for several reasons. But one of the best ways to store our writing is to use Android software. Dreamie PlannerTitle is a diary and note-taking application developed by SugarySoft and published on Google Play. This program helps you dear ones to create your notes at any time and have a detailed plan to achieve your goals. As you can see from the name of the above app, writing memories and dreams is as simple as other notes and you will be able to keep them for many years. There are several icons to express your feelings or activities in the list of possibilities that you can select with just one touch of the screen. Follow the plans created daily, weekly, monthly and annually and get double motivation to achieve your goals and aspirations. Unlike many similar programs, your information is not endangered by any threat, you will be able to protect it with a PIN code.

Some features and capabilities of Dreamie Planner Android app:

  • Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly planning plans
  • Create your own notes and memories with just one touch of the screen
  • View an overview of all plan information
  • Track your schedules with Google Calendar
  • A set of icons to express your feelings or activities
  • Mark events after they end
  • System reminders of important events as they approach their time
  • Protect all your information with a password
  • Several different themes to customize the application environment
  • Create your own symbols without any restrictions

The Dreamie Planner app, with its various features and capabilities in the field of taking notes and recording memories by its developer, has been released for free with an in-network payment of $ 7.49, which was able to receive a score of 4.4 out of 5.0 by Google Play users. Now you can download the latest premium version of it without any restrictions from the big and most visited Usroid website .


Dreamie Planner