Various software in the field of transferring programs and games from the internal memory to the memory card in order to empty the internal memory for Android have been made and released, and we have introduced several of them to you so far, and with great welcome. You have encountered. Today, we are going to introduce one of the simplest and best Android applications for transferring to memory called DS Super App2SD Pro , which has a very simple and user-friendly user interface to bring the best app2sd app manager experience to your Android phone. brings.

You may not believe that either having DS Super App2SD Pro can transfer any app or game you like to the memory card with just one click ; In this way, when you run the program, a list of all installed applications will be displayed for you, just click on the desired application and select one of the options Move To SD or Link To SD and see that In a few seconds, the selected application will be transferred to the memory card!

Some features and capabilities of DS Super App2SD Pro Android application:

* View all apps and games installed in the list (list)

* Easy and fast transfer of applications from internal memory to external memory

* Ability to link applications to SD card and Unlink applications from SD card

* Ability to mass transfer installed applications to the memory card

* Display complete information of consumed memory, free and memory and memory

* Ability to delete the cache of all installed applications with just one touch

* Ability to sort all programs based on name, volume and پار parameters

* Ability to run installed programs, uninstall programs and view in the market

The DS Super App2SD Pro app is currently on sale in the Android Market at a price of $ 2.99 , and today in Usroid, for the first time among all Iranian websites, we have introduced a paid version and put it for you.

 Note: The DS Super App2SD Pro app requires your Android device to be rooted to transfer apps and games.

Download DS Super App2SD Pro - transfer applications to Android memory