DSLR Camera Professional: Manual Camera v1.11 – Android app for converting to DSLR professional camera
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DSLR Camera Professional : Manual CameraTitle is a complete and perfect application for converting Android to DSLR cameras, developed by PixeLatte and published in the big Google Play Market. The above program helps to simulate all the features of professional DSLR cameras in users’ smartphones and can record high resolution images. Manually adjust the focus or ISO and have control over each part. Unlike many similar apps that only support the rear camera, this software provides a new management system with support for both cameras. As we mentioned in the description above, one of the most important features of this camera is its very high quality, which allows its users, in addition to capturing full HD images, to record 4K videos without any restrictions. Customize the volume control keys to your liking and assign them a set of commands such as recording images. The above program has various features and capabilities that we will pay full attention to in the following.

Some features and capabilities of DSLR Camera Professional app: Manual Camera Android:

  • Ability to create stop motion and time lapse videos
  • Unparalleled face recognition technology
  • Capture full HD quality images
  • Supports dual front and rear cameras
  • High quality 4k video recording
  • Option to turn off the shutter sound
  • Focus and manual ISO
  • Remote control system or image recording with timer setting
  • Manual control over different camera prices like dslr cameras
  • Record location on photos
  • Adjust brightness and the ability to use the camera flash

App DSLR Camera Professional: Manual Camera With facilities and diverse capabilities has managed $ 4.99 Self- rated 4.1 out of 5.0 by users, Google Play downloads, which can now use the newest version purchased it from the website Usroid Download Do; In our version, all the features are available and you can use them without time limit.


DSLR Camera Professional Manual Camera