Introduce to the collective request of you users!

eitaa v5.2  – ETA Android Iranian Messenger Program – ETA Android Iranian Messenger application
The original and official version of the program with more than one million active users
requested by you

Undoubtedly, messengers are among the most popular startups around the world, with millions of users using the service on a daily basis. If we look at the published reports and figures, you will know that messengers are very profitable for the country and the annual development team, which makes the developers of each country have a fierce competition in this field. There are various titles among Iranian messengers that have special features, and we intend to introduce one of the best ones in this post, which has caused a lot of noise in recent times. eitaa – eita messenger (messenger e-ta – eita) The title is a fast and smart Android messenger that has been developed and published by Andisheh Yavaran Tamadon Tamadon Company. This high-speed messenger allows its users to send their messages to their friends at high speed and without any restrictions. Like other similar apps, easily create your favorite groups and channels and share dozens of articles daily with others. Apart from the common features that can be seen in other internal and external messengers, perhaps one of the most popular features of this software is the creation of tree channels; Which helps to categorize the content thematically. Like Telegram, create super-smart robots to suit your needs, and make sure the app works better than even foreign messengers.

Some features and capabilities of the eitaa Android app:

  • High speed and security in communicating with your friends
  • Unlimited cloud servers for data sharing
  • Multi-platform system for synchronizing information in a variety of operating systems
  • Ability to create groups and channels with different topics
  • Extraordinary feature of making tree canals for the first time in Iran and the world
  • Ability to build smart robots tailored to your needs
  • To share large files without any restrictions
  • Special services for organizations and businesses
  • Save 50% on Internet usage
  • Very nice and familiar user interface
  • Low volume compared to other similar messengers

Application eitaa to benefit from the features and capabilities that variety has so far given more than a million Iranians draw that the newest version of its official without any restrictions from popular websites visited Usroid receive. This app has been introduced at the collective request of you dear ones!

Talk to Usroid’s regular users: After the unnecessary filtering of the Telegram messenger and the loss of the 60,000-person Usroid channel, all of whom were dear members of the organization, and this large number was collected in a very real way and one person, one person in a short time; We were very upset and upset; As far as we have decided, we will not and will not act in any way in any message [if there is a need to make a decision. Instead of using Messenger, we will create our own app]. Many users also sent us messages with the theme “Don’t leave an Iranian message, in front of the Usroid Telegram page filter, you also retaliate and don’t introduce an Iranian messenger and…” warned us to do this and not to do that. All of them are respected by us. But we in Usroid will not mix politics with our services in any way and we have nothing to do with these issues and we decided for you Usroid users who are looking for internal messengers. Introduce! Usroid will not give you any guarantee for this Iranian messenger We do not approve or disapprove of it. We hope that by solving the problems day by day, this app will become more powerful and attract the attention of users – in the end, we repeat that we do not work in any messenger and we will not do it. We hope you are not upset by this action of Usroid and we Understand!

V4.8 version changes:

* Improve background connection.
* Provide new icons.
* Fixed a number of reported bugs