Equalizer FX Pro: Sound Enhancer v3.8.8.1 – Android app for improving sound quality
Professional version of the program worth $149.99

As you know, due to the high flexibility of the Android operating system, almost everything can be customized and changed according to your preferences! One of the most notable parts of any smartphone is its loudspeaker and output sound, which has received many criticisms so far. Regardless of the quality of the hardware components, there is a way to change the output sound of the smart device, which can be considered the best possible option. Equalizer FX Pro: Sound Enhancer is the title of a feature-rich application for adjusting the output sound and increasing its extraordinary quality, specifically for Android, developed by ZipoApps and published on the large Google Play store. This program allows you to access different levels of sound and customize them according to your needs. Various filters are included in this app, which easily cover the output sound and give it a unique effect. More than 12 pre-set stations are available to you, which you can select based on the music style or output sound and make the most of them. It is better not to miss Equalizer FX and stay with us in the rest of the article to download it.

Some of the features and capabilities of the Equalizer FX: Sound Enhancer Android app:

  • Access to equalizer bands for output sound coverage
  • Professional bass booster system
  • Virtual sound output effect generator for maximum sound attractiveness
  • Stereo enhancer with virtualizer activation
  • Access to 12 preset stations
  • Diverse widgets for better sound customization
  • Flexible configuration

The Equalizer FX: Sound Enhancer application, with a collection of various features and capabilities in personalizing output sound, has achieved a 4.4 out of 5.0 rating by Google Play users for its $1.99 price. You can now purchase the latest version of this app from the vast database of Usroid website, which includes all the features.


Equalizer FX Pro