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Evernote – Notes Organizer & Daily Planner is a popular and powerful software with a simple and classic user interface for note-taking and recording daily events from the programming studio of Evernote Corporation for the Android operating system, which is one of the most popular note-taking apps for Android and has won various awards due to its features and has been praised several times by The New York Times. With this software, you can easily record your daily texts and notes, make a list for your daily tasks, record a reminder sound, and search among your notes. This application is completely free and has no limitations in use. Today, at Usroid, we have introduced the latest update of this app at your request! If you are looking for one of the best and most complete note-taking apps for Android, undoubtedly “Evernote” with its set of features and powerful support will attract your attention and provide you with a different experience of note-taking apps. Due to the busy life, sooner or later, you will feel the need to have a note-taking app to keep track of birthdays, passwords, texts, ideas, etc., just like me, and you will look for the best and most complete app in this regard! Evernote note-taking app allows you to take notes in a beautiful and friendly environment with a wide range of features and save them. You will have the ability to synchronize Evernote with all your devices, so that you can see all the notes live in one user account on your mobile, computer, and other devices.

Some features and capabilities of the Evernote Android note-taking app:

  • Unlimited creation and editing of text notes
  • Easy and fast saving, syncing, and sharing of notes
  • Intelligent search for finding desired text among notes
  • Organizing notebook notes and tags
  • Creating a shopping or to-do list
  • Travel planning: tracking travel plans, airplane tickets, and passports
  • Adding photos, audio, designs, text, documents, etc. to notes
  • Scanning digital cards, business cards, etc. to add to notes
  • Adding reminders for important and necessary notes
  • Directly sharing notes on Facebook and Twitter
  • Usable on smartphones, tablets, and computers

If you want to remember your daily tasks and have access to your daily notes in a beautiful place, you can try the popular Evernote application! Stay with us to download the latest version of this app from Usroid .. This software also supports Persian text well and displays it correctly without any problems; You can join us to get the latest version of this useful application.