Gallery EZ v1.101 – Simple and practical gallery application for Android
Premium and full version of the app worth $ 1.49

All users of Android smart devices store different files in their device memory; A large part of these files are images and video files. One of the most basic ways to access these files is to use file managers, whose special folders are a waste of time! You have to search through folders for several minutes to find a specific image. But as you know there is an easier way to access images and video files; Galleries allow you to easily view all images and video files in one environment and have unlimited access to them without the need to browse folders. Although Usroid website has provided you with the best galleries so far, but in this post we want to introduce you to a new software. Gallery EZ is a simple and practical gallery developed by Seelye Engineering and published on Google Play. This program is a convenient solution for viewing videos or images so that you have access to all of them on one page and you will be able to play them. The user-friendly interface of EZ Gallery increases the excitement of using it and conveys a perfect management sense to users. View all your files categorized according to their folders and run each folder with one touch of the screen. Another interesting feature of this gallery is the ability to hide folders; In this case, you will be able to hide important and personal folders containing images and videos so that no one has access to them. If you think you may have accidentally deleted your images, the intelligent security system is designed so that your file will not be erased from memory until the deletion is confirmed by the template or password.

Some features and capabilities of EZ Gallery app – Simple Photo Viewer Android:

  • Intelligently manage images and video files
  • Access to a diverse and specific set of options for perfect management
  • Supports a variety of video and video formats
  • Ability to hide folders to prevent unauthorized access
  • Delete files with intelligent verification system
  • A set of gestures to manage the gallery with one hand
  • Option to customize the gallery environment
  • Supports both dark and light themes
  • Fantastic and beautiful interface

Gallery EZ application with the benefit of its various features and capabilities has been released by its developer for free with in-network payment of $ 1.49, which, as always, you can download the latest premium version without any restrictions from the popular and full website Get Usroid visit.

EZ Gallery - Simple Photo Viewer