Facemoji Emoji Keyboard Pro v3.3.6 – The new and feature-packed keyboard app for Xiaomi Android
IP version of the program worth $4.99

Throughout the day, we all use the keyboard on our smartphones to stay in touch with our friends or save notes. Virtual keyboards available on the Android market come in various types, each of which has special features in addition to common and usual ones. Facemoji Emoji Keyboard: Emoji Pro is one of the newest and most feature-rich keyboards released for Android tablets and phones, developed by EKATOX APPS and published on Google Play. This app helps users easily write their texts as fully as possible and send them to their friends. As mentioned at the beginning of the description, the exclusive feature of this keyboard may be its various emojis, which provide more than 3500 emoticons to each user. If you are busy doing something and cannot type your texts manually, it is better to activate the speech-to-text mode and create accurate texts only by speaking them out loud without any spelling mistakes. This software has various features that it is better to stay with us in the following article to become familiar with them.

Some of the features and capabilities of the Facemoji Emoji Keyboard Android app:

  • Access to thousands of different emojis and attractive GIFs to add emotions to your texts!
  • Speech-to-text conversion system for easier typing of your texts
  • Special layout of all letters for easy and fast typing
  • Typing mode by dragging your finger on the screen
  • Highly customizable keyboard available to your liking
  • Word prediction system to minimize typing time
  • Automatic correction technology for spelling mistakes
  • Support for Persian language – Xiaomi Persian Keyboard!

The Facemoji Emoji Keyboard application has managed to receive an extraordinary score of 4.7 out of 5.0 by Google Play users with over 10 million downloads as one of the newest keyboards released in 2018. You can now download the latest exclusive version from the direct links on Usroid.

 Facemoji Emoji Keyboard