FFmpeg Media Encoder v4.4.5 – Android Audio and Video Converter and Encoder Application!
Modified version with mentioned features
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One of the main uses of smart devices is to play audio and video files. Usually, each video or audio file has a specific format, and some players may not be able to play it. In addition, file encryption also plays a significant role in playing them! One of the best ways to play rare formats is to convert them to other common formats. FFmpeg Media Encoder is a title of an audio and video converter and encoder that has been developed by SilentLexx UA for Android and published on Google Play. FFmpeg can be considered a multi-platform software that provides a complete solution for recording and converting videos. As the post title suggests, one of the top features of this startup app is its large library for encrypting and decrypting audio and video files, which is unique in its kind. Several diverse formats are supported by this program, which allows you to convert them to each other in the shortest possible time. There is no need for external codecs, and you will be able to change the output file resolution during format conversion. Unlike many similar tools, this software works offline, and the developer has ensured its security.

Some of the features and capabilities of the FFmpeg Media Encoder Android application:

  • Ability to convert audio and video file formats to each other
  • Decryption and encryption of audio and video files
  • Support for various popular text formats
  • No need to download additional codecs
  • Possibility to determine the resolution of output files
  • Very high conversion speed
  • Ability to convert multiple files and put them in a queue

The FFmpeg Media Encoder application has been able to receive thousands of downloads with a rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 from Google Play users, thanks to its various capabilities and features. You can now download the latest official version of the app with its mod from the popular website Usroid. As mentioned, we have provided both the original and mod versions for you to download with just one click upon your request.


FFmpeg Media Encoder