Five Minute Journal v – A program to record and store daily events and memories in Android.
The purchased and complete version of the program is offered to you for $ 4.99.

According to proven psychological research, writing down emotions, tasks, and motivations makes the mind better organized. When you record your daily events, you no longer need to think about them, and by doing so, you reduce the amount of load on your brain. In addition, doctors recommend that you always pay attention to the positive points and beautiful aspects of your life to have a healthier mind and more intimate social relationships and ultimately a more enjoyable life. If you spend only 5 minutes every day after waking up and think about the positive aspects of your life, you will start your day with more motivation, interest, passion and positive thinking and you can do better than ever. Strive to achieve what you want. Today, we are at your service with a program that provides all the necessary facilities for recording such events and reports. Five Minute JournalThe title of a great app for recording and organizing events, emotions, and tasks is for the Android operating system, developed by Intelligent Change Software Group and released for $ 4.99 on Google Play. As the name implies, this app is a 5-minute daily journal designed to keep things down to a minimum, and with clever organization, you can write and create as much as you can. Encourage. All you have to do is take 5 minutes each day and write down the things you are grateful for and the lessons you have learned so that you can work with full positivity throughout the day. In a specific section, you can write down the things that will improve you, and by following them, you will be better every day than the day before.

Some features and capabilities of Android Five Minute Journal :

  • Beautiful, interactive and comfortable user interface
  • Has a timeline for displaying recorded items in chronological order for easier and faster access
  • Ability to add images to daily journals to make them better and more durable
  • It has a timeline for photos taken
  • It has beautiful short sentences with weekly challenges to motivate and inspire you
  • Ability to record reminders to make sure you never forget to register a journal.
  • Ability to lock the program with a password
  • Ability to backup and exit the program as a pdf file

Application Five Minute Journal program that is popular with Android users happy managed to score excellent 4.8 from 5.0 from Google Play users receive. Now you can download the purchased version of this program along with all the features and capabilities from Usroid completely free of charge. This program has been introduced at your request and now the latest version is in front of you.


Five Minute Journal