Flexcil Notes & PDF Reader – Notebook, Note-taking v1.2.4.8 – Android Note-taking and PDF Reader App
Full version of the app is now available for you!

Flexcil Notes & PDF Reader – Notebook, Note-taking is the title of an Android note-taking and PDF reader app developed by Flexcil Inc and published on Google Play. If you take a look at the Android market, you will find various tools for note-taking or accessing PDF files that usually meet our basic needs. However, in some cases, we need special and more advanced features. For this reason, some developers try to provide more features and capabilities to users of this operating system. Nevertheless, accessing PDF files or taking notes are among the most common activities we do with our smartphones. This has led an Android developer to try to offer both features in one app. Flexcil Notes & PDF Reader – Notebook, Note-taking is the app we are talking about. Whatever you need in the two fields of accessing PDF files or creating notes is provided by this startup app, and you will be able to meet your needs without the need to install multiple third-party apps. Although offering two features simultaneously does not mean that a variety of features will not be available to you, as everything you need is provided in this unique collection. So, if you also constantly use these two features, it is better not to miss this smart app and stay with us to get it.

Executing and Creating Various Notes and PDFs Using Flexcil Notes & PDF Reader – Notebook, Note-taking

As mentioned in the above description and indicated by the post title, the main feature of the Flexcil Notes & PDF Reader – Notebook, Note-taking app is the ability to execute PDF files and write various notes in a unified environment. You can use these two features simultaneously without any limitations and save them in your smartphone’s memory. One of the most important features offered is the ability to write notes or annotations on PDF files with your own handwriting, which is unique. Therefore, even if you don’t like Android keyboards, you’ll be able to write texts in your own handwriting.

A Combination of Two Popular Features

One of the things that draws our attention to the Flexcil Notes & PDF Reader – Notebook, Note-taking program is the combination of both main features with each other! In this way, not only can you start editing or creating PDF files, but you will also be able to copy a part of the PDF file with just one touch and save it as a note. As mentioned, everything you need to have flawless notes is provided to you, such as various fonts, different colors, options for organizing saved files, and so on, which you can access with just a little time.

Increased Concentration When Executing Files

When users start reading a PDF file or taking notes, various things can distract their attention! Fortunately, Flexcil Notes & PDF Reader – Notebook, Note-taking app has also taken this issue into account and provided a full-screen mode. In this mode, only the information stored in the PDF file or notes is displayed, and you cannot even see the toolbar at the top of the screen! This feature helps you to have more focus on all your activities.

Some features and capabilities of the Flexcil Notes & PDF Reader – Notebook, Note-taking Android app:

  • Execution of various PDF files and creating diverse notes
  • An appropriate option for implementing your ideas in the form of notebooks!
  • Intelligent organization of documents
  • An option for annotating PDF files
  • Various fonts in different colors for flawless writing
  • Adding images to your notes
  • Editing any type of PDF file with just one touch
  • Writing texts using your own handwriting
  • Support for S-pen stylus
  • A collection of ready-made templates to boost your creativity
  • Support for cloud servers for backup and retrieval of ready-made files

The Flexcil Notes & PDF Reader – Notebook, Note-taking app, with its special features and capabilities, has been published for free on Google Play by its developer. You can now download the latest original version without any restrictions on accessing the features and functionalities from the vast database of the Usroid website.


Flexcil Notes & PDF Reader - Notebook, Note-taking