[FluentU: Learn Languages ​​with videos v1. Subscribed] – Android language learning app with Android movie!
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Learning different languages ​​is one of the requirements of every person’s life. In a way that makes a person better able to communicate with other people around the world and advance their goals without any disruption. Unfortunately, learning a language by enrolling in a classroom is very expensive, and because of the length of the course, each person has to pay a lot of money; But the Android apps that have appeared in the last few years are among the best options in this field! FluentU: Learn Languages ​​with videos Subscribed the title of a foreign language learning app with videos, developed by FluentU for Android and published on Google Play. As you can see from the title of the post, the educational system of this startup is based on videos! Training with the help of movies, which is one of the new teaching methods around the world, helps you to use all your skills and learn your favorite language in a shorter time. Currently, 9 different languages ​​are taught by this program, the most important and popular of which is English. The videos in this collection consist of several special types such as news, music videos, etc. to test the hearing system in any situation. It doesn’t matter what level of language learning you are at, because the videos in this collection enhance your skills at every level.

Some features and capabilities of FluentU: Learn Languages ​​with videos Android application:

  • Learning a language using a new and efficient method
  • Teach more than 9 different and popular languages ​​around the world
  • Various movies such as music videos, news, movie trailers, etc.
  • Suitable for any level
  • Very simple and easy to use environment

The FluentU: Learn Languages ​​with videos app has been released for free by its developer with $ 239.99 payment within the network with its features and capabilities, and you can now download the latest version without any Get a restriction from the huge database of Usroid website.


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