ForzaTune 7 – Calculateur de réglage Forza v6.4.3 réglage professionnel des voitures dans le jeu Forza
Version achetée de l’application d’une valeur de 4,99 dollars

Forza (فورزا) is the title of a series of racing games exclusive to the Xbox console and Windows operating system, which has been released since 2005 and has a large fan base worldwide. This game is referred to as the best racing game available on Xbox. The precise and complete simulation of cars and game environments, beautiful and engaging gameplay, high graphics, high variety of game stages, and extensive updates are some of the main reasons for the tremendous success of this game. One of the most important features of this game that is very important for its fans is the ability to tune cars as desired. Tuning means changing various parts of the car to achieve higher speed, better control, and higher acceleration. In this game, all available cars can be easily tuned with complete details. Professionals benefit the most from this game feature, but amateurs and beginners who are unaware of the impact of different changes on car performance usually cannot use this feature correctly. If you are also one of these users, do not miss the application that we are introducing today. ForzaTune 7 – Forza Tuning Calculator is the title of an application for calculating the best tuning for various cars in the Forza game, designed for the Android operating system and developed by FlameFront Studios software group, which has been released on Google Play for $2.99. Just open this app and search for your car model in it. After finding the desired car, enter the car information such as weight, etc. in the application and finally select the type of race track to calculate the best possible tuning for the car and display it to you. By entering these settings and tuning your car in the game, you can easily achieve the best possible results. This app has the ability to save different tunings so that you don’t have to enter the information every time.

Quelques fonctionnalités et capacités de l’application ForzaTune 7 – Calculateur de réglage Forza pour Android :

  • Capacité d’utilisation pour les jeux Forza Motorsport 7 et Forza Horizon 4
  • Interface utilisateur très simple et facile
  • Possibilité de définir le type de terrain de course pour effectuer les meilleurs calculs
  • Possibilité de définir les conditions météorologiques (pluie et …) pour un meilleur réglage
  • Possibilité d’apporter des modifications manuelles aux réglages
  • Capacité de sauvegarder différents réglages
  • Prise en charge des unités impériales et métriques
  • Dispose de vidéos tutoriels gratuits pour apprendre à utiliser l’application

L’application ForzaTune 7 – Forza Tuning Calculator est une application très utile et nécessaire pour les joueurs professionnels de jeux Forza, qui leur donne un avantage sur les autres. ForzaTune 7 a réussi à obtenir une note de 4.5 sur 5.0 des utilisateurs d’Android sur Google Play. Vous pouvez maintenant obtenir la version premium et achetée de cette application avec toutes ses fonctionnalités et capacités sur Usroid gratuitement.


ForzaTune 7 - Forza Tuning Calculator