Gem Miner 2 in Persian (Adventure Miner 2) is an extremely beautiful and entertaining game with HD graphics in the style of adventure and intellectual games for the Android operating system, which can be installed on an Android smartphone.You can travel to the depths of the earth and experience a new and different adventure. Use any pickaxe in your hand to break through any rock, cross any obstacle and blow up the rocks with the help of bombs. Underground and in the place where you will step, there are many unknowns waiting for your discovery, so that at every step and wherever you pick up the rocks and soils, it is possible to Face something new and experience the real thrill. You can even buy more destructive equipment such as dynamites and explosives to speed up and advance in the heart of the earth, or use various tools such as wooden ladders, bridges and! Where necessary! With a score of 4.5 out of 5.0, this game is one of the best and most popular, which is priced at $ 2.49. For sale, we recommend it to all users who like intellectual games…

Some features of Gem Miner 2 Android adventure game:

* Having stunning HD graphics with colorful gameplay

* Free play mode to control a huge mine

* Being 4 difficulty levels in free play mode with the ability to be selected by the player

* Being a map for complete control over the mine by the player

* Full support for Google TV service

Today in Usroid, we have provided the latest version of Gem Miner 2 game for you, regular users, for free. You can first download and watch the trailer of the game by referring to the following, and if it was interesting to you, Get…

 Changes in version v1.6.3:

* Bug fixes and improved game graphics


Download Gem Miner 2 - a fun miner adventure game for Android




Download Gem Miner 2 Android APK - NEW



Download Gem Miner 2 Android APK - NEW



Download Gem Miner 2 Android APK - NEW



Download Gem Miner 2 Android APK - NEW