Gesture Lock Screen PRO v4.6.2 – App lock screen app with custom gesture on Android,Gesture Lock Screen PRO v4.6.2 – Device screen lock application with custom gesture in Android
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So far, we have provided you with several different programs for locking the screen of your Android smart devices, each of which had its own unique features with unique features. All of these programs are designed to lock the screen of the template. , Use a PIN, password or fingerprint! In this post, we want to introduce different programs with other published applications for screen lock to you, dear users; Gesture Lock Screen PRO is an application software for locking the screen by custom pattern and gesture, published by Q Locker for Android operating system; For example, you can set your signature as a screen lock, or you can select a specific number and gesture to your liking and use it to lock the device screen! Like other introduced programs, after selecting your favorite gesture, set the password as a recovery password so that you can access your information if you forget the gesture! One of the unique features of Gesture Lock Screen PRO is the display of notifications on the screen, so that you can respond to incoming messages or notification details by creating your own settings without having to unlock the device. See.

Some features and capabilities of Gesture Lock Screen PRO Android app:

  • Use any number, signature and personal gesture to unlock the screen
  • Use the recovery password for the forgotten time of the entered pattern
  • Display other apps’ notifications on the lock screen
  • Personalize time, date, background, lock delay and… in screen lock
  • Material Design + No ads in the app

Gesture Lock Screen PRO app is among the most expensive locks the screen in the Play Store, which managed $ 4.99 Score 4.3 from 5.0 won and can now use the newest version purchased it from the server, high-speed Usroid Download Do.

Important Note: Dear friends, be more careful when using the program, you are responsible for any problems.

Modifications to version v4.6.2:

* Solve program problems + various optimizations.


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