GPS Fields Area Measure PRO v3.12.0 – Android App for Area Measurement with GPS
Purchased version of the app worth $16.99
With support for the sweet Persian language

We always face difficulties in measuring the area of different surfaces, such as agricultural lands and golf courses, no matter how much expertise we have in this field. Thanks to technology and advanced civil engineering devices, Android applications such as GPS Fields Area Measure PRO allow us to quickly measure the area of anything. This professional software uses GPS to measure area and is published by Studio Noframe for $16.47 on the Google Play Store. Simply install the app and select the measurement area using the available pins to quickly obtain an accurate measurement of any surface. You can save the measured areas for future reference without activating GPS or internet. Moreover, if any errors occur, all recorded measurements are editable, and you can modify them as desired. Finally, it is worth noting that this application supports the sweet Persian language. Therefore, if you are a professional contractor, civil engineer, or golf player, do not miss this unique software and join us to purchase the paid version.

Some of the features and capabilities of the GPS Fields Area Measure PRO Android app:

  • Accurate measurement of distance and area of each area
  • Intelligent marker mode for precise placement of pins
  • Save measured areas with custom names and edit recorded sizes
  • Undo button to revert all changes
  • Precise measurement of distances traveled for drivers and athletes
  • Backup of all information and import/export at any time
  • Support for Persian language

The GPS Fields Area Measure PRO app, with its importance for engineers, has been able to gain user trust with its $16.47 price tag and receive a 4.3 out of 5.0 rating from them. You can now purchase the app from Usroid.


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