Undoubtedly, you are also familiar with Hekmat Iranian Bank; One of the banks of the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which was established by the order of our dear leader and started to increase the quality of life of the military. Gradually, this bank, like other Iranian institutions and banks, expanded its services so that the general public could make the most of them. Due to this, Hekmat Bank also published its own mobile bank in order to facilitate services. Hekmat Bank – with Hekmat Iranian Bank, the title of the mobile bank applicationHekmat Iranian is for Android, which has been provided to customers by the exclusive developers of this bank. Easily have full control over all your cards and accounts and make sure all services provided are as secure as possible. Check your account turnovers at regular intervals and track any errors or problems quickly and accurately. In addition to the normal and widely used services that are supported by many mobile banking programs, the possibility of checking checks and viewing the received facilities can also be seen in the list of facilities along with Hekmat Iranian Bank!

Some features and capabilities of Hekmat Bank Android application:

  • Get your account balance and cards
  • Ability to transfer card funds to cards and bank accounts
  • Ability to transfer interbank money in both stable and satna forms
  • Receive your account turnovers at any time
  • Block the card in case of any problems
  • Ability to add bank card details for phone contacts
  • Change the second password of the card to increase the security of information
  • Pay bills in absentia with a single hint
  • View a report of the facility and installment payment
  • Inquiry of all assigned checks
  • Ability to use Tomans instead of Rials
  • View and search bank branches on the map

Hekmat Bank application , due to its importance for the military, has so far included various features that, as always, you can download the latest original version from the large Usroid site; This software has been introduced at the collective request of you dear Usroid users and you can download it with one click.

Changes in version v1.4.731:

* No changes have been mentioned by the developer bank for this version of the program.


Hekmat Bank