Image and Video Date Fixer v1.52.0 Modify the photo and video date of 
the optimized and completed version of the program

Image files are among the most widely used and popular types of files and are used for various purposes. These files have no restrictions on use due to their low size. As a result, we can see a large number of them on social networks, websites and messengers. Our smartphones now have high quality cameras that enable us to take high quality and beautiful photos. There is a gallery application on all phones that manages images and make them easy to access. To do this, galleries use the metadata information of images to sort them in different ways so that the user can access their photos faster and easier. As long as we take photos with our camera, the gallery can easily sort them, but when we transfer photos from another phone or from the Internet to our phone, the gallery gets into trouble. The gallery automatically uses the edit date of the images to sort the images. When we transfer photos to a phone or from the Internet to the phone memory, the edit date of all of them becomes the transfer date. This causes the images to be cluttered and cluttered. In such a case, using this program will be very effective.Image and Video Date Fixer is an application for automatic correction of the history of image files in order to better sort them in the gallery, for the Android operating system, which was developed by j to the 4n and published for free on Google Play. This program automatically copies the creation date of the files on the editing date so that their order is not disturbed. If there is no metadata on your files and the file creation date is written in the file name, this program is also able to recognize the date and record it for the image. If you have a lot of photos on your phone and you have trouble accessing them, we recommend installing this app.

Some features and capabilities of Android Image and Video Date Fixer :

  • Automatically copy creation date in modification date in file metadata
  • Edit files in groups and at high speed
  • Video file support
  • Ability to recognize the creation date of files from the file name

Application Image and Video Date Fixer practical tool for sorting images that Android users could have the satisfaction rating of 5.0 excellent 5.0 out of Google users receive. Now you can download the optimized and complete version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.

Version v1.52.0 changes : 

* Display file name on processing results page
* Improved user interface


Image and Video Date Fixer