Hibernator: Hibernate Apps v2.43.1 – Easy Android Battery Optimization Application
Professional and unlocked version with access to all features

One of the reasons for the high battery consumption in Android smartphones is due to startup applications and background running software, which often occupy RAM space and consume excessive battery power without being used. One of the best ways to prevent the execution of unnecessary background applications is to use a forced stop system. Hibernator: Hibernate Apps Unlocked is an exceptional application for managing and optimizing battery usage in smart devices on Android, developed and published by Ouadban Youssef. This smart app closes unused background applications with a unique system and prevents their re-execution in a special way. Simply install it and with a simple touch, stop all background processes in a specific way. After using Hibernator, all background software will be forced to stop and their re-execution will be prevented. Additionally, a collection of commonly used widgets is available in the feature list, which allows quick access to all features.

Some features and capabilities of the Hibernator: Hibernate Apps Android app:

  • Close all running programs
  • Close all running background tasks and services
  • Prevent programs from restarting after being closed
  • Support for system programs
  • Smart system for automatic forced stop
  • Quick access to notifications
  • A collection of various widgets

The Hibernator: Hibernate Apps application has received a 4.5 out of 5.0 rating from Google Play users with its completely simple and unique system. You can now download the latest unlocked version with access to all features from the popular website Usroid.