As you know, Google has released Android 3.2 with the code name Honeycomb, just like Android 3 and Android 3.1. It has a very beautiful and amazing interface that attracts every user towards itself! Today, we have the intention to introduce a very beautiful and stylish launcher called Honeycomb Launcher +. By having it on your Android smartphone or tablet, you can bring the appearance of Honeycomb phones to your device! This very stylish launcher gives a different appearance to your mobile with beehive backgrounds and we recommend it to all users who are tired of their repetitive phone appearance.

A version of the software that is in front of you is the Plus version and is now available for sale in the Play Store for $1.29, and it is one of the best and most beautiful launchers for Android that we have provided for you today at the request of users.

Some features and capabilities of Honeycomb Launcher + beehive launcher for Android:

* Having honeycomb bee colony clones (Honeycomb) for Android 3.0 to 3.2

(Note: The original text is in Persian and contains errors in grammar and spelling.)

* Having very beautiful and attractive background images for users to choose from

* Having all models of screen lock from Honeycomb phones

(Note: There are no errors in the original text, but the translation may need to be revised depending on the intended meaning.)

* Having 7 clock widgets from Honeycomb with the ability to choose by you

* Having very stylish widgets with the ability to change size by the user

* Having an extensive set of settings for customization and personalization by you

If you want to bring the beautiful and stylish appearance of Android 3.2 Honeycomb to your mobile, Honeycomb Launcher+ is designed for you and you can download its latest version for free with just one click from Usroid


Download Honeycomb Launcher + - Honeycomb Launcher for Android



Download Honeycomb Launcher + Android Apk - NEW



Download Honeycomb Launcher + Android Apk - NEW



Honeycomb Launcher + Android New Android launcher



Honeycomb Launcher + Android New Android launcher