Image Compressor Puma: Image Resizer Photo Resizer v1.0.80 – Puma Image Compressor Application for Android
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Image Compressor Puma: Image Resizer Photo Resizer is the title of a professional image compressor application developed by farluner apps & games and published on Google Play. One of the problems that many users face today is the lack of storage space for their data. The main reason for this shortage is the high quality of files and the increased capabilities of smartphones. Although such problems are not seen in Android or iOS flagships, users of mid-range or low-end phones usually feel it after some time of buying their new device. One of the best ways to prevent such a problem is to use SD cards. However, unfortunately, some manufacturers combine the space for the second SIM card and the memory card, so the user prefers to use the secondary SIM card. Nevertheless, it is seen that many people delete their files, but this is also possible to a certain extent, and after that, we need all our files! In these situations, one of the best ways is to compress multimedia files. Compressing these types of files helps you save a lot of storage space for your data.

Image Compressor Puma – The Most Professional Image Compression Application

Since images are among the largest files stored in memory, we can compress them in case of limited space. As mentioned above, Image Compressor Puma is one of the best and most superior options available in this field. With several proprietary methods for compressing images, the software provides conditions to free up a large portion of the storage memory. Upon installing and viewing the program interface, one of the first things that catches your attention is its simplicity. After selecting the images you want to compress, it’s time to choose the compression method! In this mode, we will have access to three different methods, each of which will meet our needs in some way. In the version released by Usroid, there are no restrictions on accessing these methods, and we have tested them repeatedly.

Preserving Image Quality Alongside Compression

One of the most interesting issues that has made users fall in love with Image Compressor Puma is the significant reduction in image size after compression while preserving their quality. The methods we mentioned in the above description each preserve the quality of the images in their own way. In the toughest compression mode, where images are compressed to a large extent, the images retain 70% of their original resolution, which is exceptional compared to similar programs. After selecting the images and performing the necessary processing, the difference in image size is displayed, which amazes everyone when compared to their quality.

Protecting Privacy Alongside Providing the Best Performance

Another aspect that sets Image Compressor Puma apart from its competitors is the protection of users’ privacy. Unlike other tools available in the Android market for compressing images, there is no need for internet access and all processing is done completely offline. This is one of the reasons that has led millions of users to install and use Puma in just a few months. In addition, to save your time and effort, you can select the images you want to compress in groups and be sure that group selection will have no negative impact on the final result.

Some features and capabilities of Image Compressor Puma: Image Resizer Photo Resizer Android app:

  • Professional offline image compression
  • Benefiting from three special and unique methods for compressing photos
  • No limitations in choosing methods
  • Option to select the output file size after compression
  • Providing accurate information about the original and compressed files after processing
  • Preserving exif information during compression
  • Determining the directory for storing compressed images
  • Preserving image quality after compression
  • Option for batch image compression

Image Compressor Puma: Image Resizer Photo Resizer app, with its special features and three different methods for compressing photos, has been released for free by its developer with an in-app purchase of $15.99 on Google Play and has received a 4.8 out of 5.0 rating from users. You can now download the latest premium and tested version of the app without any limitations from the popular website Usroid.


Image Compressor Puma Image Resizer Photo Resizer