Image Converter Premium v9.0.31 – Professional Image Format Converter App for Android
Premium version with all features presented to you

Image Converter is a special, practical, and unique application for converting image formats from the programming studio of Paul Asiimwe for Android! With its unique features, this practical application can meet all your needs while being simple. Among the factors of the program’s increasing progress, we can refer to supporting various formats, which the vast spectrum of these formats makes you independent of other available programs. Just run your desired image and select the required format, and with a touch, receive your image in a new format. Image Converter has also included features such as resizing, cropping, changing direction, etc. Unlike similar published applications, this special software also respects the privacy of users and performs all processing and format conversion offline without the need for the internet, so that users can be sure that their images are not sent to a specific server. Additionally, images are quickly available after format conversion, and you can share them with various social networks through the application itself. Follow us in the continuation of the article to learn about the supported formats of the program!

Some features and capabilities of the Image Converter Android app:

  • Support for various formats for conversion
  • A simple and easy environment without any complexity
  • Offline execution and format conversion without the need for internet access
  • High speed in converting image formats
  • Intelligent batch image processing system
  • Sharing converted images on social networks

Image Converter app has been released by its developer for free and has been able to achieve a rating of 4.0 out of 5.0. You can now download the latest premium version of the app for free from high-speed servers on Usroid! It is worth mentioning that the app supports formats such as jpg, jpeg, png, bmp, gif, jp2, pdf, tif, tiff, webp, psd, tga, ai, html, txt, jpe, jpc, avs, cmyk, dcx, dib, gif87, gray, mng, mtv, netscape, pbm, pcx, pgm, pict, pnm, ppm, rgb, rgba, sgi, sun, uil, uyvy, viff, xpm, yuv, pam, ras, hdr, fits, dds, pal, bw, h, raw, svg, eps, aai, art, cin, cip, dpx, fax, hrz, info, mat, mono, mpc, otb, palm, pcd, pcl, pdb, ps, ps2, ps3, vicar, wbmp, xbm, ycbcr.


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