Resizer Lite Image – Resize Picture or Photos v6.0 optimization program and reduce the size of images for Android
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We take hundreds of photos daily from various sources, such as social networks, messengers, websites and…. We see. These days, you can see video content, especially photos, almost everywhere. Images are becoming a standard for content, and less textual content can be found that does not have at least one image with it. One of the most important principles to follow when sharing photos with others and uploading them to the Internet is to optimize the size of the images. Typically, the images we capture using our mobile phone camera are very high quality and size, and a photo may be up to 20 MB in size. If we want to share these photos with others with the same size, we will consume many of them on the internet and reduce their desire to see the photo. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce their size before sharing photos online with others. One of the best and most effective ways to reduce the size of your photo is to make it smaller. The higher the resolution of a photo, the higher its volume. There are many software and websites that you can use to reduce the size of your images, but with the application that we introduce to you today, you can easily do this on your Android smart device. .Image Resizer Lite – Resize Picture or Photos is an application for resizing images while maintaining their quality, for the Android operating system, developed by the CA Apps software group and published for free on Google Play. Using this program, you can resize your images to the desired sizes and resolutions or cut them to your liking.

Some of the features and functionality of the program Image Resizer Lite – Resize Picture or Photos Android :

  • Working with this is very simple, fluent and straightforward.
  • Very nice and comfortable user interface
  • Resize images and crop them as desired
  • Easy rotation of images in all directions
  • Vertical and horizontal rotation of images is provided.
  • Maintain image quality

Applications Image Resizer Lite – Resize Picture or Photos is a very useful program that can be very simple and straightforward to thereby reduce the size of your images and make them to share on social networks and websites, optimize . Image Resizer Lite received a score of 2.8 out of 5.0 from Google Play users. Now you can download the professional version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.

Changes in version v6.0 :

* There are no changes in Google Play for this version of the program.


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