Internet Speed Meter v1.6.0 Real-time display of download and upload speed on Android
The purchased and complete version of the program is offered to you for $2.49

Access to the internet is a basic and essential need in our world. For this reason, various methods have been developed to connect users to this global network, each of which connects a portion of users to the internet. In today’s world, most of the services we receive are internet-based, and we must have access to the internet to receive these services. In addition, many businesses have also gone online, and we are forced to work and procure various items using the internet. After accessing the internet, the most important thing is the speed and quality of the connection. Internet speed in Iran has improved significantly in recent years, but in some areas, due to poor coverage, the internet speed is unstable. For this reason, users should always monitor their internet speed to take action in case of any problems or make better decisions about their internet service provider. So far, we have introduced many programs to measure internet speed on Usroid. Most of these programs measure internet speed upon user request, but today we have a program that performs this action automatically and displays the results live. Internet Speed Meter is an application title for displaying momentary internet speed, specifically for Android operating systems, developed by DynamicApps software group and released on Google Play for $2.49. This program accurately measures your upload and download speed and displays it in the status bar of your phone. By clicking on its icon in the notifications section, you can access your internet usage by day, connection time, and type, and manage it completely. You can also change the color of the speed display as desired. The program only works when you are connected to the internet and is inactive during disconnection.

Some features and capabilities of the Internet Speed Meter Android app:

  • Show real-time internet speed in Android notifications
  • Show daily internet usage
  • Provide separate statistics for Wi-Fi and mobile network connections
  • Show detailed consumption for the last 30 days
  • Optimized battery usage
  • Show speed fluctuations in a graph
  • Support for themes
  • Ability to change the display color of speed

The Internet Speed Meter app is a necessary and essential tool for all Android users. It has received a 4.4 out of 5.0 rating from Google Play users. You can now download the purchased version of this app with all features and capabilities for free from Usroid.


Internet Speed Meter