Apparatus in Persian (دستگاه) is one of the most beautiful, best, and enjoyable puzzle and concentration games for the Android operating system. Despite being paid, it has received very good reception with a 4.6 out of 5.0 rating on the Play Store and without a doubt, it is one of the most exciting Android games! In this game, your task is to connect the available tools and objects in a way that the boards can be placed next to each other so that the ball can stay in its place! Of course, don’t think that connecting the boards to pass the ball and reach its place is that easy!

Leave the first few easy stages of the game behind to get familiar with the levels and how to play, and get ready for a dream with challenging and incredibly beautiful stages! Use the hammer provided to firmly build the woods side by side, or connect the cable to the battery to start the machines! Your creativity is what matters here. If you are a patient and persevering person, you can easily pass the stages and experience the best intellectual game on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Some features of the Apparatus puzzle game for Android:

* Connecting available logs to build a bridge for the ball to pass

* Using tools such as hammer, battery, and cable to start the device.

* Having hundreds of completely diverse levels with an easy-to-hard ascending method

* Installable and runnable on all Android tablets and smartphones 1.6+

* Having very good and excellent graphics in proportion to its very small size.

The game Apparatus has a tiny size of about 10 megabytes, but in return, it can provide you with the excitement and pleasure of a game up to one gigabyte! This game is now available for sale on the Android market at $2.49, and today we have provided the latest version of it for you on Usroid. You can download it with just one click by visiting the continuation of the article.

* Fixing game issues and improving graphics


Download Apparatus - a wonderful game for making Android devices!



Download Apparatus Android Apk New - Game



Download Apparatus Android Apk New - Game



Download Apparatus Android Apk New - Game