AVA – Tarot Card Game v0.9.5 – “AVA” entertaining and card game for Android with data
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AVA – Tarot Card Game – آوا: بازی کارتی تاروتی is a card and puzzle game from the category of skill games and brain games that has been produced and released as a paid game for $1. The Swiss studio Stardust GmbH developed this game and released it for mobile operating systems including Android. AVA – Tarot Card Game is a selected game that has won several awards from various festivals. According to the creators, this game tells a mythical and historical story. AVA – Tarot Card Game is an artistic and versatile title in the form of a multi-purpose game. The main style of this game is Tarot, which has a historical and classical background in Central European countries such as Germany, France, and Italy. Tarot is a type of card game that became very popular in the 15th century. Tarot cards became so popular and famous in the 18th century that they also entered the field of divination and foresight and became one of the main tools for many fortune tellers. For this reason, Tarot card games have always had a mythical and magical atmosphere. The Stardust GmbH studio has taken advantage of this in making a video game and wants to familiarize its players and audiences more with this topic. Interestingly, although these card games may seem obsolete, they are still played in many friendly gatherings in Europe, and there is even an attractive collection of these classic and old cards that are bought and sold at very high prices.


AVA - Tarot Card Game


In the game AVA – Tarot Card Game, you play the role of a story narrator and must accompany the main character of the game, a young woman and a princess, following her story. Her story has many ups and downs and understanding it seems a bit complex and mysterious. In fact, you are the one who, by choosing and using the cards, determines the fate of the game’s protagonist. AVA – Tarot Card Game is a combination of a puzzle game and a card game with a visual appearance. Each stage of the game is accompanied by artistic and classical paintings that, in a way, tell the story of that part of the game. You can change the cards by rotating them and changing their shape and image, and in this way, you can create interesting game stories and follow them. In AVA – Tarot Card Game, you can collect a collection of cards that you acquire and use them in later stages and puzzles. Overall, it can be said that AVA is a unique title that is somewhat unparalleled in its style and genre. By playing this game, unlike many card games that do not have a specific story, you enter a world of adventure and storytelling and accompany the character. AVA – Tarot Card Game is now available for purchase and complete download from fast servers like Usroid.

Installation and Execution Guidelines for the Game:

– Download the data file and extract it from the compressed format. Copy the ch.stardust.ava folder to the Android/obb directory of the internal memory of your device.