BusyBox Pro v71 Easy installation and removal of BusyBox on rooted Android devices
The paid and purchased version of the app is presented to you, dear users.

BusyBox Pro is an application for installing and uninstalling BusyBox, as well as managing rooted Android devices. Usually, after rooting a device, in addition to the super user program, another program called BusyBox is installed on your phone, which most users are unaware of its functionality and purpose. BusyBox is a small combination of many Unix tools inside an executable file, which is compatible with many environments such as Linux, Android, FreeBSD, and many other tools designed to work with the Linux kernel. BusyBox is exclusively designed for operating systems that have limited hardware resources. This tool is dubbed the Swiss Army Knife in Linux. BusyBox is both an application and a set of special commands that give the user complete control over their device and provides the ability to run different mods. BusyBox is optimized in terms of size and uses limited resources. This tool is completely modular and commands or features can easily be added or removed at compile time, which is very useful for customizing Android systems. With this application, you can increase the speed of running phone applications, improve the performance of your phone, or easily install and uninstall programs. This application can be very useful for Linux and Android professionals. Users can even access and edit Android system files with this application. BusyBox can provide around two hundred different tools, including many Unix tools as well as many other tools of a Linux system, such as simple to advanced Linux and Unix commands.

Some features and capabilities of the BusyBox Pro Android app:

  • Modern and material design
  • Compatible with Intel and ARM processors
  • Possibility to increase the speed of smartphones and tablets
  • Clean up installed application categories on the device
  • Full compatibility with the latest version of Android
  • Support for most Android phones (from Android 1.6 and up)

The BusyBox Pro application is a very useful and necessary program for executing Linux commands and making fundamental changes to the Android operating system. If you want to have a fully customized system on your phone, you must use BusyBox. With over 20 million users worldwide, BusyBox is one of the most popular Android apps and has rightfully won the Best Android App award. There are different ways to install BusyBox on Android devices, but installing it with the BusyBox Pro app is safer, more compatible, and more secure than other methods. You can now get the paid and purchased version of this app completely free from Usroid.


BusyBox Pro