[Car Launcher For Android v1.9 [Premium] – Android Driving Launcher App
The premium and complete version is available for you dear ones at a price of $9.99

Using a mobile phone while driving is very dangerous and may not only endanger your own life but also the lives of others. There are various ways to reduce these risks and use smartphones simultaneously, which we have introduced in the form of various tools. In this post, we also intend to introduce you to an extraordinary startup called Car Launcher For Android Premium. It is a special launcher for driving developed by RIMAN VEKARIYA and published on Google Play. If using smart devices while driving is one of your habits, using this launcher helps to significantly increase safety and reduce the risks of driving. After installation, you will have access to all calls, messages, contacts, files, and settings on a single page, which is unique in its kind. Shortcut keys help to quickly execute any command and meet needs in the shortest possible time. It is also worth knowing that there are several diverse themes and skins available to you that will increase customization capabilities.

Some features and capabilities of the Car Launcher For Android app:

  • Access to contacts, files, settings, and more on the homepage
  • A collection of various themes and skins
  • View real-time speed of the car at any time and location
  • A taskbar with shortcut keys for all programs
  • Activate special features of the smartphone with just a gesture
  • Customize colors and order of shortcut options

The Car Launcher For Android app has been able to attract the attention of thousands of people with its various features and capabilities, and now you can download its latest premium version from the popular Usroid website. In our version, all program features are available for free and there is no need to pay any dollars.


Car Launcher For Android Premium