Cat Condo 2 v2.1 + Mod – Popular and lovable casual game of Cat Gallery 2 for Android
Regular version + Mod version (free purchase) separately
Tested with offline execution

Cat Condo 2 – Gallery Cats 2 is an exciting and enjoyable game in the puzzle genre developed by Taiwanese game studio Zepni Ltd for Android devices. If you love cute and adorable cats, don’t miss the chance to install this game on your Android device right now! The story of Cat Condo 2 is as follows: players must combine cats with each other to create new cats and use the money they earn from new cats to buy more cats and fill their own cat gallery with different breeds of cats. Every 10 seconds, a cat carrier appears on your device’s screen. When you hit and open the carrier, a cute and adorable small white cartoon cat appears. When you open the next carrier and have two cats, you can kill one and leave the other to combine their breed and create a new cat. Now you can combine these new cats together and create another new cat, and as you have probably guessed, you can continue this process and combine cats one after another to create new breeds. Combining small cats with each other creates a Sneaky Cat, combining Sneaky Cats creates a Japanese Bobtail, combining Japanese Bobtails creates a Somali Cat, and so on. Almost all of the game’s mechanics are like this, and all you have to do is hit the screen of your device to make the cats appear and combine them with each other. Since sitting and waiting for a new cat to appear is not entertaining, players can hit the screen one after another and increase the speed of new cats appearing.


Cat Condo 2


At first, Cat Condo 2 may seem boring to you, but gradually, with the sight of different breeds of cats, the attractiveness of the game becomes apparent to you, and you won’t even put this game aside for a moment. There are more than 40 different species of cats in this game that releasing them will bring you a delightful experience, of course, don’t worry… these cats are harmless and calmly stay where they are assigned and don’t bother anyone! By creating new cats, you earn money and can buy higher-level cats. The cat carrier is also upgradable and by upgrading it, the speed of cat appearances increases. This game has good graphics and its style is cartoonish. The characters of different cat breeds have good designs. The game environment is simple and its color combinations are made of cheerful colors, which adds a special attraction to the game. Cat Condo 2 has an excellent score of 4.7 out of 5.0 on Google Play, and the team at Usroid has provided this game to you as tested and completely free. At the end of this article, you can watch the introduction video and screenshots of the gameplay to get more familiar with this game and download it from our servers if you wish. I hope you enjoy this game!