If you have been with Usroid, you know Dr. Panda! Because a long time ago, one of the games introduced Dr. Panda’s House, and it faced your welcome. A few hours ago, we also saw the release of another Dr. Panda game called Dr. Panda’s Bus Driver, in which you have to transport passengers from one place to another as a bus driver. You have to pick up cute animals like monkeys, pigs, etc. at the bus stop, take them to their destination, and steer the bus as best as possible!

You engage in transportation in exciting places such as mountains, roaring waterfalls, and amidst forests, and with your own money, you open new items and increase the excitement. The option to customize the bus with various actions, including changing the color, is also provided so that you can customize the bus according to your taste!

Some features of Dr. Panda’s Bus Driver game for Android:

* Possibility of customizing your bus by changing its color and other features

* Bus vandalized by a player and litter thrown in the trash can!

* Dr. Panda recommends having a guide light for standing and then moving!

* Crossing different places including railways , tunnels, etc. for passenger transportation

* Simple controllers for guiding the bus by dragging your hand on the display screen

* Having excellent graphics and very good sound quality in such a small size.

The game Dr. Panda’s Bus Driver is now available for sale on the Android market for $2.99 and has a rating of 4.4 out of 5.0. Today, we at Usroid are offering it to you as the first Iranian website completely free of charge. Stay with us …


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