Forest HD is an incredibly beautiful HD quality live wallpaper for Android, which was released today on the Android market and is being sold for 0.99 euros. The sunlight finds its way through the trees towards the forest, displaying a beautiful and amazing scene for you, bringing a unique and heartwarming scene to your Android smartphone’s home screen.

In this Livewallpaper, a deer is busy running and birds and butterflies fly among the trees, while an attractive waterfall doubles the beauty. In this Livewallpaper, you have the ability to customize wildlife, flowers, symbols, grass, and waterfall and adjust them according to your taste.

Forest HD has been designed in a completely three-dimensional (3D) way and brings a stunning and unique landscape to your phone’s home screen.


Download Forest HD - Live Wallpaper HD for Android


To view images of the Forest HD environment and download it for free with a direct link, please visit the Usroid website by continuing to read this article.

* Resolving various issues and improving performance