Formula Solver v3.0.1 – Physics and Chemistry Calculation App for Android
Purchased version for $1.49 for the first time in Iran

If we take a look at our early years of education, we will see that some basic courses have always been with us in the form of books in different categories, so that we can easily learn the presented courses when we are older and accepted into university; undoubtedly, physics, chemistry, and math are the three main courses that we must have sufficient mastery of to have a good academic career! However, the important point about these courses is their vastness, which sometimes causes us to face problems in solving their problems. Formula Solver is a special application for physics and chemistry calculations developed by David Šimák for Android and published on the Google Play store. Just take a look at the environment of this software and you will know that with a wide range of user needs, you can perform all kinds of calculations with just one touch. Each of the physics and chemistry sections includes several different and diverse parts separately, making it possible for any student at any level to perform calculations as accurately as possible. For each of your calculations, just enter the specified inputs and then get the desired result in a fraction of a second by touching an option. It should also be noted that when entering many inputs, the main formula and calculation steps are also displayed for a complete understanding of the solution method. Finally, it should be mentioned not to forget to use the search function and save a lot of time in your work.


Formula Solver


The Formula Solver application has been released by its developer with a price of $1.49 on the Google Play Store, featuring a collection of formulas and various calculation methods in the two major fields of physics and chemistry. It is important to note that this program has not been downloaded in Iran so far, and by receiving it from the high-speed servers of Usroid site, you will undoubtedly be one of its first users.