i Fishing 3 is the third version of one of the most popular, realistic and exciting fishing games for the Android operating system. With it, you can experience the most enjoyable fishing game in various and real locations on your Android smartphone or tablet. Get on your boat and go to the lakes around your home and start fishing. Collect different types of fish to make the way to higher levels smoother and unlock new items by advancing in the game to double the excitement. In the i Fishing game, you have to go fishing with your fishing hook and bait. Of course, events such as storms, heavy fish, and so on can make your work difficult and double the excitement!

HD graphics, moving to different locations through your boat, various types of fish for fishing, easy controllers for real and comfortable control on the fishing hook are some of the features of i Fishing 3 game.

* There are different types of moons for players and you to fish.

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* Having various states to advance 50 tournaments

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* The controller on the fishing hook is controlled by the controller on the right side of the page

* Display game in full screen on all devices including KitKat.

* The realistic design of the surrounding environment, including trees, water movement, and so on.

* Support for leaderboards to share photos on social networks

* Support for playing on home TVs and control via phone through Airplay!

The game i Fishing 3 is now available for sale on the Play Store for $2.99 and has a rating of 5.0 out of 5.0. Today, we have provided the first version of it along with the data file for you on Usroid, and we hope you enjoy it.

* Fixing problems and improving game graphics


Download i Fishing 3 - the best and most real fishing game for Android


Installation and Execution Instructions for the Game:

– Download the data file and extract it from the compressed format. Place the com.RockingPocketGames.iFishing3 folder in the Android/obb directory.


i Fishing 3 Android - iFishing 3 Android game



i Fishing 3 Android - iFishing 3 Android game