KAMIJARA Icon Pack v3.6 Cartoon icon pack with flat design and material colors
Purchased version of the program priced at $0.99

Every game and application made for Android has an icon that represents the functionality and identity of the program. For example, the Instagram icon is a camera, while the YouTube icon is a play button. Using icons not only makes the phone’s user interface more beautiful, but also makes accessing and finding programs and running them very fast and easy. Often, we have only read the names of our favorite programs once and then found and run them only by using their icons. Therefore, the role of icons in the Android user interface is very important and practical. Developers of Android applications and games try to apply a different style to their products’ icons to make them stand out in the user’s mind, brand them, and make them easier to find among other program icons due to their uniqueness. This can cause the icons of the programs to have a significant difference in style and disrupt the harmony of the user interface. To restore harmony and coordination to the phone’s user interface, icon packs can be used. Icon packs are programs that include a number of alternative icons for Android applications and games that are made by professional designers and inspired by the original software icons. Today, we offer you a beautiful and attractive icon pack. KAMIJARA Icon Pack is the title of a beautiful cartoon icon pack, specifically designed for the Android operating system, developed by illusioniz.team and published on Google Play for $0.99. There are more than 700 icons in this collection, all of which have a cartoon style and use material colors and flat style in their design. In addition, there are some exclusive wallpapers in the program that you can use for better coordination in the user interface. This icon pack supports most popular and popular launchers, but cannot be used on default phone launchers.

Some of the features and capabilities of KAMIJARA Icon Pack for Android:

  • More than 700 beautiful flat and cartoon icons
  • High resolution icons
  • A collection of background images
  • Material style design
  • Ability to view and search for icons
  • Support for dynamic calendar icons
  • Support for MUZEI
  • FAQ section
  • Ability to hide icons from launcher app menu

KAMIJARA Icon Pack is an attractive, beautiful, and likable icon pack that has received a 4.6 out of 5.0 rating from Android users. You can now download the purchased version of this app with all its features and capabilities for free from Usroid.