Kick the Man v1.2.2 + Mod – Action and Platformer Game “The Beating Man” for Android
Regular version + Mod version (unlimited money) separately
Tested for offline play

Kick the Man – مرد ضربتی is an interesting and exciting game in the action and arcade genre, developed by emulating classic 2D platformer games. The game, with the full name Kick the Man – Free shooting Action platformer, has been released on Google Play and is developed and published by the Japanese studio BAP JAPAN. At the request of our friends, Usroid provides the tested version of the game along with a modded version for free download, so that you can download it with peace of mind and have fun. Kick the Man – Free shooting Action platformer is an entertaining action platformer, which although has a simple storyline, it is not a special adventure or story-driven title and its main priority is the action and platformer gameplay. However, according to the story that the game developer has quoted, you play as the main character of the game named Dan. Dan is someone who has not been able to see his father since birth. He does not know why his father left his family and where he went. Dan has always been depressed and unhappy because of this. Even though he is the richest person in the land he lives in, he still has many questions that prevent him from feeling happy. One day, Dan decides to go in search of his father and try to find him.


Kick the Man - Free shooting Action platformer


In the game Kick the Man – Free shooting Action platformer, you must help Dan make a big decision and reach his goal. That’s why Dan embarks on a thrilling and dangerous journey. By finding some unreliable evidence, he sets off on a long journey to unknown places. Along the way, he goes to different places like the magical mountain and then to a large area called the Electric Waste Field, unaware that these places are controlled by some wicked people. He steps into these places and enters the realm of people who are not happy with the presence of strangers! Since Dan is determined to reach his goal, he engages in a war with these people, which turns them into big enemies for him! Therefore, throughout the game, enemy forces will be after you. In Kick the Man – Free shooting Action platformer, you can destroy enemies with special skills and various weapons. After completing each level, you must face one of the big bosses who have strange appearances. Your enemies are robots and strange electrical devices, each posing special challenges for you. By upgrading Dan’s items and skills, you can gain new abilities and be better prepared to face enemies by finding better and stronger weapons. The overall game, with its 2D graphics, accurately reflects the nostalgia of platform-style games and can be fascinating for many players of older generations. To learn more about Kick the Man – Free shooting Action platformer, you can watch its introduction trailer video and then download the latest tested version from the Usroid servers and install it on your Android device.