Learn Italian with MosaLingua v10.60  Italian language learning app using the MosaLingua method on Android
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Italian is one of the living languages in the world and one of the most popular languages in terms of the number of language learners worldwide. Italian is the mother tongue of a large population (about 70 million people) worldwide. Additionally, due to Italy’s welcoming nature towards immigrants and tourists, the official language of this country is taught worldwide. Italian is also known as the language of music due to its widespread use in music. If you are interested in learning this language or have tried to learn it in the past and failed, do not worry. The app we are introducing today is the solution for you. Learn Italian with MosaLingua is an Android app for teaching Italian using the MosaLingua method, developed by the software group MosaLingua Crea and published on Google Play for $4.99. Having motivation is one of the most important factors in learning foreign languages, which is why this app is designed to constantly motivate language learners. MosaLingua uses the spaced repetition system, designed by scientists, which has proven its effectiveness in retaining vocabulary for long periods of time. As you know, the human brain quickly forgets new information, so this app reminds you of the words you have learned before your brain forgets them. Repeated reminders of vocabulary at various intervals ensure their long-term retention in memory. This app is designed very simply and focuses on the words and phrases that you will really need, avoiding the use of unnecessary expressions and words.

Some of the features and capabilities of the Learn Italian with MosaLingua Android app:

  • Containing over 3000 flashcards of different words along with their pronunciation in the original language
  • Having 14 different categories (such as shopping, transportation, tourism, social etiquette, and emergencies)
  • Having 10 different levels from beginner to advanced for language learning
  • Containing various dialogues for 17 different situations (such as restaurants, hotels, shopping, negotiations, etc.)
  • Providing rewards for unlocking locked items in the program upon reaching a specific level of language learning
  • Having an online dictionary
  • Ability to create custom flashcards

The Learn Italian with MosaLingua app is a very useful program for anyone who intends to travel to Italy or reside in that country. This program focuses on essential matters and avoids discussing unimportant matters, making language learning an interesting and entertaining activity. The Learn Italian with MosaLingua program is very popular and has many users worldwide. It has been downloaded more than 100,000 times on Google Play and has received a very high rating of 4.7 out of 5.0 from Android users. You can now download the purchased and complete version of this program with all access and features for free from Usroid.


Learn Italian with MosaLingua