[MojiPop – My Personal Emoji Keyboard & Camera v2.3.4.0 [Vip] – Android App for Creating Funny Personal Stickers
VIP and Full Version of the App Valued at $44.99

It has been years since the creation of the first emoji, and smartphone users try to use various emoticons in their chats with friends. Using emoticons not only makes your conversations more attractive but also allows you to easily convey your emotions. Over time, as smartphones became more advanced, users moved towards using stickers and tried to establish better and stronger communication through them. Nowadays, many apps have their own collection of different stickers, but sometimes users do not like them and try to use third-party apps to access huge collections of stickers. In this post, Usroid website intends to introduce an amazing app to its users, as always! MojiPop – My Personal Emoji Keyboard & Camera is the title of an app that creates funny personal stickers, developed by Eureka Studios and published on Google Play. Working with this app is simple, and all you have to do is touch two different options after registering your images and have a completely personal output! The collection of options that this startup provides to its users makes them independent of any third-party apps and helps them meet their needs at any time. There are more than thousands of different modes that, by placing your selfies on them, you can surprise your friends. Change your hair color, choose glasses for yourself, and create a cute sticker of yourself by adding a mustache sticker to your photo. Additionally, the development team strives to produce the best stickers and provide them to users in the form of ready-to-use and extraordinary collections.

Some features and capabilities of MojiPop – My Personal Emoji Keyboard & Camera app for Android:

  • Create funny personal stickers from your selfies
  • A collection of various details such as glasses, beard, hair color, etc. to add to the stickers
  • Thousands of cute tags for making stickers in any situation
  • Get your personal stickers individually or in collections
  • A collection of thousands of diverse stickers made by the developer
  • The ability to use stickers in many messaging apps

The MojiPop – My Personal Emoji Keyboard & Camera app has been able to receive a 4.3 out of 5.0 rating by Google Play users with its entertaining and attractive features, with a $44.99 in-app purchase. You can now download the latest version of the app from the Usroid website.


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